Our Services



Jet ski, trail bike, boat, domestic car trailers, commercial trailers, tandem trailers (springs, durotorque, oseillating beam, brakes etc), specialty trailers of any sort.

Shop & Butchery Equipment

Display cabinets – any size, shape, height, refrigerated or unrefrigerated, air flow cooling or piped deck cooling, humidified or dry, supermarket meat rails. freezing works butchery wash stands & other equipment.


Bain-maries, bottle and dishwashers, gas cookers, stainless steel trolleys, benches, tubs, convection ovens, hot plates, deep fryers, refrigerators, freezers, coolstore shelving, espresso coffee machines, hot water machines, cold water drink fountains.

Structural Steel Work

Beams, pillars, steel purlins

Dairy Work

Tanks – Vessels – Pipework, welding to 4703.


Design and build ventilation system, duct any shape and size, extract hoods, vents.

Plasma Cutting

Can cut from light panel steel up to 10mm plate, mild steel, alloy, and stainless steel.

Pipe Work

Cutting and threading up to 3" pipe, pipe systems of any size with welded joints.



Mig, tig, gas, arc, alloy, stainless, brass, copper, bronze, cast.

Cutting & Folding

8' lengths up to 3mm thick in stainless, up to 5mm thick can be folded in mild steel.

Extract Systems

Fume & dust extracts wood chip & shavings extracts. Stainless Steel extract hoods with fan, filter and duct for restaurants.


Oil burners, gas boilers, SMI wood burners, stainless steel plate radiators, waste oil burners, central heating systems, radiators.

Boat Accessories

Stainless Steel – Handrails, bow rails, staunchings, rocket launchers, fuel tanks, water tanks, ski poles, barefoot poles.
Aluminium – Fuel tanks, fixtures and fittings, panels - welded or rivets.


From dinghy's up to 8.5 metres, larger boats could be built to order.


Mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel safety rails, ballustrades, stairway handrails. Glass panel or decorative infill panels.

Timber Mill Maintenance

Fitting, welding, maintenance, new installations of saws, conveyors, air systems, sawdust extract systems. Lubrication and greasing of plant and equipment.